MK Family Law is a boutique private international law firm.

Private international law focuses on laws that impact private relationships across international borders. Private International Lawyers are skilled at advising on a variety of complex multi-jurisdictional issues, including:

  • pinpointing which court has the authority to resolve a private dispute,
  • what happens if there are simultaneous court cases filed in more than one country,
  • what country’s laws the judge should be applying to resolve the dispute,
  • whether court orders from one country should be recognized and enforced in another country,
  • options for getting information and documents from one country to help in a court case in another country,
  • what rules to follow to ensure a person in another country receives proper notice of a lawsuit so the lawsuit can proceed

Private international law requires an understanding of complex international treaties and multi-jurisdictional laws.

MK Family Law focuses its advice on private relationships between spouses and parents. This expertise is called international family law.