How MKFL Works

MKFL works with lawyers globally to address complex international family law issues for their clients. Whether it is devising a case strategy on the court and country where a lawsuit should be filed, researching and drafting tailored jurisdictional arguments, resolving how a lawsuit must be served overseas, or mediating a complicated Hague Child Abduction matter, MK Family Law is experienced at working as an integral part of any case. Each case is different, and MK Family Law can tailor an approach that meets the needs of the lawyer and their client, and is a valuable part of any legal team.

Some of its representative work includes:

  • mediating high-conflict international parental child abduction cases
  • providing expert affidavits on points of U.S. family law for foreign litigation
  • coordinating a strategy for simultaneous divorce proceedings in the U.S. and overseas
  • preparing and overseeing requests for discovery overseas using the Hague Evidence Convention
  • working alongside local counsel in multi-jurisdictional custody and relocation cases
  • representing minor children in Hague Child Abduction cases
  • testifying in U.S. courts about child abduction prevention issues
  • researching and strategizing in cases with pre-selected marital property regimes, foreign prenuptial agreements, and complex choice of laws
  • serving as a neutral collaborative law expert on international travel for children
  • preparing applications for service of process overseas under the Hague Service Convention
  • researching and drafting pleadings to argue the choice of venue for modification of a foreign child support order
  • advising on appellate cases on multi-jurisdictional and international treaty issues

In today’s legal environment, it is vital that a law firm deliver high quality legal services in the most efficient manner in order to compete. MK Family Law works as part of your legal team to create effective solutions for your clients.