International Custody & Visitation

Any time parents wish to move their child across international borders, they need to consider the legal implications. What happens if a child falls ill while in a foreign country on vacation? What happens if a military spouse, living on a base overseas, wishes to return to the United States with their child? Which parent can renew a child’s passport, or what permissions are necessary to exit a country with a child? If parents live in different countries, they may require a highly intricate and uniquely tailored parenting plan to facilitate their child’s access to both of them. They may require sophisticated language in any agreement or court order to maximize enforceability of the parenting arrangement in both countries. Whether parents want to travel overseas for vacation, to see family, or for short or long-term work assignments, they need to consider what happens when they no longer agree on their plan. For parents who reside full time in different countries and time zones, they need to consider what options make the most practical sense for their child.