International Relocation & Pre-Relocation Consultation

Families may need to relocate to a different country for a variety of reasons, including jobs, their immigration status, lack of financial stability, or family connections, among other reasons. Military families, foreign service families, families who work for international organizations, and many others routinely move, at times, every few years, to different countries. With each move, there are a host of new issues that impact the family, including stressors on partnerships and children. There is a complex web of legal issues that apply to families who live overseas, some dictated by geography, some by nationality, others by intent, and a variety of other factors. A family that moves overseas may submit themselves to a foreign court and laws, and may forego certain available protections, depending on the agreements they made and discussions they had. It benefits a spouse or parent who is considering a relocation to speak with a lawyer, in addition to the variety of other details they gather pre-move.